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We are so excited to announce that you can now purchase your own copies of The Good, The Bad & The Broccoli and It Came from the Cupboard via the WestBow Bookstore and through major book retailers!

Why Complicate Things?

You know what drives me crazy?  Having to dig, scavenge, scrape, scrounge and read 'til my eyeballs hurt to get down to what I really want to know - How do I give my kids the greatest chances of living a great life?


Spare me the overcomplicated lessons and give it to me cut & dry!  Tell me what I need to know before the coffee break and quiet moment is gone so I can squeeze in a deep breath before Thing 1 & Thing 2 shut it all down?  Right?  Thank you!


Here's the thing - you shouldn't need a degree in nutrition or chemistry just to feed your fantastic kids the healthiest foods on the planet or to figure out exactly what the substance in the cereal really is.


Keep scrolling for some nuggets of knowledge and be sure to sign up for our mailing list so we can serve it to you fresh!



How I Got My Son to Choose Healthy Foods with Dr. Sina

We have been SO inspired by the McCullough's story and know you will be too!  More than just eating healthy, this family has overcome serious health hurdles and helping others do the same.


Teaching Kids the Art of Giving

While we all love to gift our children with incredible gifts, we can’t underestimate the gift we give them as we teach them the art of giving.


Why You Should Seriously Stop Cooking So Much

Looking for an excuse to NOT fire up the kitchen?  You just got it.


Upgrade Your Plate

Uprgrade any plate with fun twists using these tips and tricks for integrating most any fruit or vegetable.


Natural Allergy Relief

Kick the crud and get on with enjoying the best times of the year!


8 Hideable Healthfoods That'll Rock Your Plate

Get in more of the good stuff with these easy-to-hide, easy-to-add nutritional powerhouses


15 Easy Lunch Box Upgrades

Take their lunch (and health) to a whole new level with easy upgrades for any lunch


The Simple Pleasure of Cooking Rivals Extreme Entertainment for Kids with Jill Colella


Help kids craft a lifetime of memories in your very own kitchen with homemade goodies that bring joy and satisfaction!


Say "Goodbye" to Summer Pests with Dr. Claire Morris, ND


These pests aren't just a nuisance; they can be a real hazard!  Learn how you can keep the bugs at bay with these natural remedies.



Summer Digestion Made Simple with Dr. Claire Morris, ND


Sick of stomach upset spoiling your summer?  Check out this article on how you can easily optimize digestion WITHOUT the use of over-the-counter or prescription drugs.



10 Tips for Sustainable Healthy Living with Alison Glendenning


Quit cycling through "Try-Hard-&-Fail."  Check out these easy tips for kicking unhealthy habits to the curb FOR GOOD!



Detox Your House with Dr. Lisa Sulsenti


Learn how to Spring Clean your home and remove harmful toxins that surround your child.



Toxicity & Body Burden


What it is, how it hurts and why you want to minimize your family's exposure



Good to the Grains


Don't let food fears deter you from enjoying these delicious dietary staples.  Learn what to enjoy and what to avoid here



Eat to Your Heart's Content


Explore our list of the top heart healthy foods and learn more about which picks to grab and which to avoid.



Redefining Healthy in 2016: The 7 Benchmarks of Health


Dr. Taz helps reset the mindset on what truly constitutes health.



The One Key "Nutrient" No Child Should Do Without


With so much info on nutrition, health and development, we're shocked this one factor doesn't get more attention.



Ways to Boost Joy in Your Household & Community


Learn to be a joy-starter with these easy methods for boosting joy in your life and in the lives of those you come in contact with.



12 Ways to Get That Butt Back in Gear


Stop running that gauntlet of defeat!  Get these tips and get motivated!  Your healthiest you is closer than you think!



11 Ways to Better Immunity


Sick & tired of your family being sick & tired?  Click here to learn how you can boost your resilience.



The 12 Essential Learning Nutrients


Explore the 12 Essential Learning Nutrients to help your kids maximize the mental performance.



Squeaky Clean...Naturally


Chem-free doesn't have to be expensive!  Check out our quick guide to simple household cleaners.



10 Ways to Save Money by Eating Better


Think you can't afford to eat healthy?  Here are a few quick tips on saving money while making healthier food choices.



Labels & Fables


Learn how to read what those labels are really saying and see past the clever marketing schemes



Carbohydrates...  Foods that Fuel


Learn how to choose top-notch carbs to fuel your family through their best days



Proteins that Pack a Punch


The real deal on protein and how you can get the highest qualities of these much needed nutrients



Fats:  Friends or Foes?


The Pro's, the Cons, & our Top Picks for healthiest fats



Herbicides & Pesticides


Why organic really is the way to go.



Munchin' on Mutation


The Big Food industry secret that's hurting your kids.



Sweet Talk


Sugar - The Impact & Aftermath





What kid doesn't love cheese?  Here are some things you should know before passing them a chunk off the ole block



What's in Your Water?


A few things you should know about something you can't live without



Switching Sweets


Transitioning to a healthier sweet fix because you love them too much not to.



Sun & Soil


What it is, how it hurts and why you want to minimize your family's exposure




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See Kids Thrive has been provided by one dedicated mother to another.  We are so glad to share what we can to help you in your efforts to raise happy, healthy kids!  Words can't say just how proud of you we are for what you're doing for them now!  It may not always be easy but it will definitely be well worth it!