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10 Ways to Develop A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle


Article provided byAlison Glendenning  Alison is a Certified HIT trainer and the brilliant mind behind the Health Kick Lifestyle website where she inspires woman nationwide to adopt a healthy lifestyle, implementing wholesome eating, quality supplementation and fitness.  With her help, countless others are learning how to take hold of a life they love. Learn more by visiting her at www.healthkicklifestyle.comto learn more.  Deciding to live a healthy lifestyle is a big deal! It takes a lot of work and self-control, but the benefits are endless. When my husband and I had our first child, we started eating healthier. Everyone thought we were on a health kick, but here we are, 5 years later, and what everyone thought would be short-lived has become our lifestyle. Throughout those years, I have watched friends and family jump through hoops and go to incredible lengths to try and be healthy, but so many of them do not last. It is my goal to teach others how to take baby steps toward a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. It’s not that you have to be perfect, (I’m certainly not)! You just have to be on the journey. Below are some ways that I have found to really encourage a health kick lifestyle!


1. Eat Foods You Actually Like

When you’re first starting to eat healthy, you might be thinking you need to eat a kale salad with chia seeds and grilled chicken everyday. You might like this for a while, but you always want to be trying new healthy foods and recipes and making note of ones that really taste good to you. When I was first starting to cook healthier, I was always secretly hoping my healthy dinner didn’t turn out so I would have an excuse to order pizza. That soon changed when I finally found foods that I enjoyed. Do this, and your cravings for take-out will soon disappear! Pinterest and Instagram can be a great place to find some awesome, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


2. Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is a great way to take the stress out of grocery shopping and cooking. No matter what your day looks like, if you know what you’re making for dinner, you’ll be able to avoid yet another temptation to eat out or make something quick and processed. Click here if you’d like me to email you a one-week healthy meal plan!


3. Enlist Your Family

If you’re trying to improve your overall lifestyle, then you absolutely have to enlist your family – and maybe even your friends, parents, etc. Nothing is less sustainable than making separate meals for everyone. Your spouse and kids should eat what you eat, and you’ll all soon learn to love some new foods!


4. Take Baby Steps

With step #3 in mind, you have to take baby steps. If you and your family are used to eating mac‘n’cheese and hotdogs a few times per week, just slowly phase it out. Quitting all unhealthy foods cold turkey is a sure-fire way to crave them after a week or two. Some easy first-steps are ridding your pantry of processed foods. If you don’t want to throw it away, finish it and don’t buy it again. My pantry used to be wall-to-wall cereal, fruit snacks and pasta. Speaking of cereal, I also recommend starting your day with a low-glycemic breakfast. That’ll set your blood sugars up for success throughout the day!


5. Bring A Healthy Dish-To-Pass

So you’ve been consistently eating healthy at home and you’re invited to a block party that’ll be full of chips, dessert and fruit fluff. This is your opportunity to bring something healthy to share. At the very least, you can count on some of that for nutrients. Who knows, you may even encourage someone else to eat healthier, too!


6. Stop Counting Calories

Calorie counting can help when you’re simply trying to get portions sizes under control. But, if you’re trying to fill your diet with nutrient-rich foods, it won’t help at all. Check out this experiment I did a while back. When you focus on eating healthy foods, calories are not a concern because all of the calories are nutrient-rich! Plus, I can almost guarantee that 100-calorie snack won’t keep you filled up very long. Just remember - Quality over quantity.


7. Throw Away The Scale

Whether weight-loss is your goal or not, throw away the scale and start thinking of weight loss as a positive side effect of a healthy lifestyle. You’re not playing some game to reach a certain number. You’re improving your overall health! When you do that, you’re bound to reach and maintain a healthy weight.


8. Stop Feeling Guilty

If you’re on a roll with healthy eating and exercising and you get a little off track, don’t beat yourself up! That’s only going to make you go further and further in the wrong direction. Just make a decision and take steps to getting back on track. Focus on progress – not perfection.


9. Find a Sustainable Workout Routine

You don’t need to workout 90 minutes per day to be physically fit. You just need to find something you can maintain. If that’s going to the gym after work a few times per week, great! For me, it’s doing High Intensity Training at home. The workouts are short, they work your whole body, and they promote weight loss and muscle toning at the same time. I recently received my HIT Certification and wrote more in depth why I love them, along with 3 workouts to try.


10. Celebrate!

Set goals for yourself and celebrate when you reach them! If you want to lose 10 pounds, schedule a pedicure in advance for your goal week. Your birthday is today? Have a piece of cake! There are times to celebrate and foods to celebrate with. Just don’t celebrate everyday ;)


I hope some of these tips have inspired you to life a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle! If you’re ever in a rut or you’re not sure where to start, I would be more than happy to help! Just email me at


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